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If you are a teacher, student, or parent who is interested in learning more about Hk Maker Lab and our available opportunities, or if you are an engineer, doctor, or scientist who would like to join our team, please contact Aaron Kyle, Director, or Michael Carapezza, Program Coordinator. Arrangements can be made for Hk Maker Lab representatives to visit your school and provide details about both the summer high school program and the teacher program. 

Our Team

Aaron Kyle, PhD

Hk Maker Lab Director

Dr. Kyle is a Lecturer in the Department of Biomedical Engineering (BME) at Columbia University and the Founder and Director of Hk Maker Lab. He has spearheaded the formation of a global health technology program in the BME Senior Design course at Columbia. He feels strongly that engineering design is a foundational skill and could be taught to high school students. Exposing minority students to applied STEM, particularly something so tangible as solving real world health problems, will motivate them to pursue STEM degrees.

Michael Carapezza

Hk Maker Lab Program Coordinator

Michael graduated from Columbia University with a B.S. in biomedical engineering, focusing on medical imaging technology. He is passionate about science and engineering education, and feels that hands-on learning and student-driven inquiry are the best ways to make STEM a meaningful part of a student’s education.

2017 Teaching Assistants


Thomas Bernhardt


Chirag Sachar



Sharon Shu


Ranjodh Singh


McKenzie Sup


Darnel Theagene