Hk Maker Lab – Daily Updates







Hk Maker Lab – Daily Updates


8/1/17 - Brainstorming

Our students are hard at work brainstorming ideas for their engineering design projects!

7/31/17 - EMG Lab

In the final instrumentation lab, our students used Arduinos to measure and record the electrical activation of their muscles.

7/25/17 - EKG lab

Today, our Hk Maker Lab students used electret microphones and amplifying circuitry to observe their own heart sounds on the oscilloscopes.

7/19/17 - Respiratory monitor lab

Our students are hard at work using the fabrication tools in the Columbia Biomedical Engineering Lab to create devices that can accurately measure a person’s rate of breathing.

7/17/17 - Hk Maker Lab 2017 kicks off

Today is the first day of Hk Maker Lab 2017! We can’t wait to see what fantastic designs these students come up with over the next six weeks.