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Hk Maker Lab – News 

CU Summer High School Program Promotes Biotech Innovation

CU Summer High School Program Promotes Biotech Innovation Kyle, who co-designed the HK Maker Lab program with Kovich, adopted “global health” as the central theme of his course — his goal, to challenge the students to identify and address health technology needs where resources such as reliable access to electricity are in short supply. In addition to guiding them through the prototyping and testing phases of the engineering design process, Kyle encouraged his students to develop business plans for marketing their work. For Kyle, the goal was to “not only foster their interest in the STEM learning process, but also train them to be innovators, to take a more global view, and also give them a better feel of what a biomedical engineer might do.” Read more about the first HYPOTHEkids summer.

High-schoolers get taste of STEM-related careers during summer ‘HYPOTHEkids’ program

High-schoolers get taste of STEM-related careers during summer ‘HYPOTHEkids’ program Students also developed a mosquito repellent, to be used where malaria is endemic, and a “jam” to aid in removing babies from the birth canal. “It’s amazing to see something you built with your own hands from the ground up,” said Arif Mahmud, 16, a rising senior at Brooklyn Technical High School, who added the program sparked his interest in science, technology, engineering and math — the so-called STEM fields. Click here to find out what else this program can do.

HYPOTHEkids See the Light!

HYPOTHEkids See the Light! Twenty-five NYC high school students were introduced this summer to engineering design and entrepreneurship through a new six-week program—the HYPOTHEkids (Hk) Maker Lab—in the School’s Department of Biomedical Engineering (BME). Led by BME Lecturer Aaron Kyle, the students utilized their newfound engineering design skills to devise innovative solutions to global health technology needs. Hk Maker Lab is the result of a collaborative effort between BME and HYPOTHEkids, a K-12 STEM education initiative of Harlem Biospace, a co-working lab space for NYC biotech startups that was founded by Biomedical Engineering Associate Professor Sam Sia and Christine Kovich and developed in partnership with the New York City Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC). Read more about what HYPOTHEkids did this summer!